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Business and Management Course Notes


This is a set of course notes for any student who is studying business studies or management course. The notes are placed in subject area but as any good student will know, there is often a great of overlap between subjects and subject areas. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please use the search box at the bottom left or right of each page.

The pages are free to use and may also be used for assignments either in part or in full. You may not however use them on any other webpage without prior and express permission. Primarily designed to help those undertaking some of the Scottish Qualifications Authority (S.Q.A.) courses they are written at a level of understanding of first year University notes or handouts. Of course, they are free to be used by anyone else undertaking business or management courses outside of Scotland. They concentrate on the subject areas of Business and Computing. Over time, it is expected that these will be expanded.

Use the index on the navigation bar of the page for the initial navigation. The home page button will always bring you back to this page.

These are the books which should be purchased for the two subjects for which there are notes (namely, working with people and teams and structure of business organisations). Clearly you have a choice of suppliers, but I would recomend Blackwells Online.

My main recommendation is Laurie Mullins, which I will refer to regularly. In addition there are other links to books. Whilst it is not necessary to purchase them all they may be used as alternatives or supplementary reading.

In addition as course reading you should also consider the "Herald" newspaper, especially the edition published on a Friday. In the Appointments section/supplement (jobs pages!!) you will often find an article on current managment practice. If you are a student of any of the Scottish Colleges these tend to be found in the college library.

Buy Now from Blackwells

Buy Now from Blackwells

In addition, you will probably find books by A. Huczynski & Buchanan or Charles Handy. These should be used as supplementary reading only.

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Created on ... April 25, 2005